“I tried to find an apprenticeship for years, but no one had a style that matched what I was looking for.”

At once familiar and brilliantly modern, Morgann, well-known as Mab, is the intersection of traditional tattooing ideas blended with modern art and classical figures. With incredible detail, bold lines, and colors reminiscent of the old masters, a tattoo from Mab is sure to stand the test of time.

Mab knew her whole life that she wanted to bring beauty to the world. With a Fine Arts degree and an inauspicious start to tattooing, Mab began searching around Belgium for a shop whose style matched what she felt inside.

“Maybe in 20 years I’ll have a specific style.”

Mab’s tattoos reflect life in its beauty and intricacy, each one a unique piece of a world that is created and lived in. A fragmented and developing story.

Understanding that tattooing is a living art form, Mab brings concepts and characters from classical artists and claims them with modern stylings and tricks.

“Tattooing is a collaboration between the artist, the person getting tattooed, and the past and future art a person has. We are creating together.”

It is a huge matter of trust to place art on someone’s body, and Mab practices active consent as a tattoo artist. “My friends let me practice on them for a few years.” Mab’s first given tattoo- a pair of shaking hands- is a warm indication of an artistic philosophy based around community and healing.

Often considered “taboo” by colonizer society, tattoos have always had a way of providing community, space, and outlet for people around the world. Mab is part of a modern tattoo culture, fostering community and building connections across the world. With creativity, reverence, and love, Mab offers art for the soul.

~ Written by Lilliandra Allison

Whether they know it or not when they come in, people are always looking for healing. And I’m here to help that.


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